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Interior Design service for your business

At IKEA, we believe that no two businesses are alike, and neither are any two styles. Whether you're starting out, or you feel it's time for a change, our interior design service is ideal if you want a custom-made business. At IKEA, we have an interior design service with consultants who can help you. This is a personalized service, offering business solutions to make your dreams come true.*

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*Due to the current situation the service is available remotely (online).

The interior design service for your business may be designed to refurnish one single area, or the entire space from beginning to end. Whichever you choose, the service will include a product collage for every room, a detailed 3D layout for the furniture and furnishing products, and a budget estimate.

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For commercial areas above 50m2
Regular pricel: 7€/m2
Price for IKEA for Business members: 5€/m2

For commercial areas belowe 50 m2: on request.

Home visit and room measuring
Zone 1: 25€
Zone 2: 50€
Zone 3: By budget

Non refundable. Payment to be made in store, at the checkout, or by bank transfer.

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