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Contigo Energía guarantees the simplest and safest buying process

Contigo Energía adapted all its procedures to meet health and safety measures in order to offer you a safe and worry-free journey.

After you use the solar calculator, Contigo Energía will visit your house in a virtual way in order to know your needs and send you a totally personalized quote. All you need is your phone.

At the time of installation, the main part of the work is done outside the house (on your roof actually!)

Contigo Energía´s installers will spend no more than one hour inside your house, in the area where the fusebox is located. Contigo Energía suggests you leave the door open to ventilate the room or garage.

Contigo Energía secures that all their installers comply with sanitary measures:

  • Social distancing : more than a meter and a half away during the whole process
  • Always with mask and gloves
  • Use of hydroalcoholic gel every time they enter or leave a room