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Swedish food market

Scandinavian foods for a taste of midsummer

Make the most of your outside-time this summer, and try some of our famous Swedish delicacies. The perfect combination of fun, food and feeling. Everything from tasty meatballs and veggie balls to salmon and other fascinating snacks.

    Who said vegan meals need to be complicated?

    Quick, tasty, and simple to cook, HUVUDROLL plant balls help you create delicious vegan dishes with minimum effort.

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    A hand reaching for a tomato on a kitchen countertop with a glass container of HUVUDROLL plant balls and other ingredients.
      A vegan tomato and squash stew topped with a few HUVUDROLL plant balls and plant-based yoghurt on an OMBONAD plate.
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        ISKUB soft drinks are the great thirst quencher

        Our ISKUB carbonated soft drinks come in various refreshing flavours. And with a lower sugar content, combined with sweeteners to give you a great balance in taste and nourishment. Drink cold at home, or take with you on picnics.

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            Nut bar snacks for your on-the-go life

            These handy snack bars are packed with nuts. Easy to take with you when you’re out and about and need a bite to eat for some extra energy between meals. Stay energised!

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                New label, same peace of mind

                To ensure that our food is produced more responsibly, we work with certifications. Now that the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have merged, we use only one seal and will gradually replace the UTZ label with the new Rainforest Alliance seal.

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