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Pots & saucepans

You’ll have more money left over for tasty ingredients with our affordable pots and pans. They’re durable and good quality and the mix of types and sizes means you don’t waste energy heating a huge saucepan to boil an egg. We even have lots of pots to use on ultra energy-efficient induction hobs.

Low budget, elevated cooking

Meet MIDDAGSMAT, the new cookware set that makes cooking a breeze! Stainless steel means easy-to-clean durability, and the thick base distributes heat evenly to prevent food from sticking or burning. Plus, it works on all types of hobs, and the clever design lets you stack pots to save space.

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MIDDAGSMAT pots and lids stacked against a green background with an artichoke and brussels sprouts in the foreground.
Three different parts of a MIDDAGSMAT stainless-steel-and-non-stick-coating cookware set placed on a green surface.
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