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    INNEHÅLLSRIK collection

    Celebrating the handmade

    Made from natural materials using traditional handicrafts, the INNEHÅLLSRIK collection features banana fibre baskets, handwoven and hand embroidered blankets, towels and cushion covers.

    INNEHÅLLSRIK is the 7th limited edition collection co-created with skilled artisans in India. It is part of the IKEA Social Entrepreneurs initiative, which creates jobs for talented women in parts of the world where they’re needed most.

    Hand woven baskets, hand embroidered towels, blankets and cushion covers - the INNEHÅLLSRIK collection from IKEA is made by skilled women artisans in India, and will add a handmade touch to your home.

    The IKEA Social Entrepreneurs Initiave partners with local social enterprises to help artisans like Sakshi Shukla.Indian artisan Sakshi Shukla from the social enterprise Rangsutra discusses a design with a colleauge.
    Sakshi Shukla, one of the artisans from the social enterprise Rangsutra, working on the INNEHÅLLSRIK collection.
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    Empowering women through craft
    By partnering with Social Entrepreneurs, IKEA helps women to create a better everyday life for themselves and their communities. It starts with creating jobs, but it goes much further than that. It leads to economic empowerment, improved self-esteem and greater hope for the future.
    “Our whole mission is to enable women to empower their lives and the future of their daughters, by taking the power into their own hands.”
    Dr. Dipti Ph.D.
    Program Manager