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Invite friends and family to a BBQ party! With a charcoal grill you get some extra time to mingle while waiting for those perfect embers which give meat, fish and vegetables a delicious smoky taste.

Article number594.003.98

Product details

Distribute charcoal or briquettes in the grill to create a hot zone for direct cooking or a cooler zone for heat retention – perfect when you want to grill food which has different cooking times.

Heat-insulated handles in stainless steel.

The ash tray can be pulled out, so it’s easy to empty the ashes once you have finished grilling.

The cooking grate is durable and rustproof, as it is made of high-grade stainless steel.

The built-in thermometer on the hood helps you check the temperature during grilling – without having to lift the hood.

The surface of the sink unit is made of stainless steel – a hygienic, hardwearing and durable material that is resistant to rust and easy to clean.

If you want running water outdoors, just connect the sink unit to a garden hose.

The movable shelf is made of steel and has a durable, powder-coated surface that is easy to wipe dry.

On the shelves there is plenty of space for plates, glasses, utensils, oils and other things you need for the barbeque party.

The doors close tightly and are kept closed by a magnetic lock.

Your utensils, serving platters and bowls are protected behind the doors and are ready to use for the next barbecue party.

This kitchen island gives you extra storage space and a good work surface where you can prepare food before it's time to put it on the grill.

Article number594.003.98


  • This product comes as 5 packages.
    Sink unitArticle no404.889.18

    Width: 63 cm (24 ¾ ")

    Height: 24 cm (9 ¼ ")

    Length: 87 cm (34 ¼ ")

    Weight: 20.50 kg (45 lb 3 oz)

    Package(s): 1

    Kitchen island shelf unitArticle no804.889.16

    Width: 63 cm (24 ¾ ")

    Height: 13 cm (5 ")

    Length: 88 cm (34 ¾ ")

    Weight: 18.20 kg (40 lb 2 oz)

    Package(s): 1

    Door/side units/backArticle no304.889.14

    Width: 56 cm (22 ")

    Height: 6 cm (2 ¼ ")

    Length: 84 cm (33 ")

    Weight: 13.89 kg (30 lb 10 oz)

    Package(s): 2

    Charcoal grillArticle no704.889.12

    Width: 63 cm (24 ¾ ")

    Height: 44 cm (17 ¼ ")

    Length: 92 cm (36 ¼ ")

    Weight: 34.50 kg (76 lb 1 oz)

    Package(s): 1


What is stainless steel?

Stainless steel is found in everything from building structures and cars to sinks and knives. It’s easy to see why it has so many uses. Stainless steel is hard and durable and has good resistance to corrosion – namely rust. It generally has a low nickel content, and for IKEA products we mainly use stainless steel that’s nickel-free. Like many other metals, it can be recycled again and again to become new, hardwearing items – without losing its valuable properties.