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Ask an IKEA interior designer: a home that sticks to your beat

“My partner and I are moving into a new apartment, and we want to set it up to work with our lifestyle and schedule.” Creating a home that moves to your beat makes all the difference to daily life. We spoke to an IKEA interior designer and gathered some ideas on how to plan a home to run smoothly and simply.

A living room with EKENABBEN open shelving units containing GLADELIG bowls, a HÖGMODIG coffee maker, and boxes with lids.
A white TILLREDA microwave oven, grey GLADELIG mugs and two SAMLA boxes with lids, placed in an EKENABBEN open shelving unit.

When moving into a new space, where do you begin?

“Every household has its priorities. Interrogate what matters most to you and then find a way to manage these “musts”. In this home, they prioritize the objects they love. The best way to manage this is with open storage. It means they can display their beautiful things while keeping them organized.”

How to hang art like a pro
A kitchen featuring two people, a FÖRHÖJA kitchen trolley, BUNKEFLO pendant lamp, and a RÖNNINGE extendable table.
A kitchen with a FÖRHÖJA kitchen trolley and wall-mounted NEREBY rails with an IGELSTORP wall decoration and organisers.
How to hang art like a pro

Let’s talk clothing storage. Things get so messy, so quickly!

“This small apartment shows that order is achievable – even with a sizable collection! Seasonal clothing is packed away in transparent boxes, everyday clothes are hung and folded in sight and the most precious pieces are hung in protective clothing bags, ready to be unzipped the moment an invitation arrives.”

How to use storage to create a calm bedroom
Clothes on white BUMERANG hangers, hanging off a rail in a wardrobe and covered with white SKUBB covers.
A stack of transparent SAMLA boxes with lids containing folded textiles. The boxes are surrounded by DYTÅG curtains.
How to use storage to create a calm bedroom
A bedroom with a white TROTTEN desk with an ELLOVEN monitor stand, an IVAR cabinet and a FLINTAN office chair with armrests.

What about managing shared space?

“Create areas of the home that serve more than one purpose. A desk can work as both a makeup station and a study space. The key is to pair it with storage to keep what you need in easy reach and out the way.”

Any final words of wisdom for streamlining life at home?

“Creating a morning routine sets the tone for the day. If you can, pack your lunch the night before. Do the same with your outfit and hang it in sight. Make your hallway the permanent address for your keys so you always know where they are. These small changes will make a world of difference!”

See the SKÅDIS series
A bedroom corner with a wall-mounted PLOGA vertical hook rack with clothes and a wall-mounted HÖVOLM rack with six knobs.
A white SKÅDIS pegboard outfitted with a SKÅDIS magazine holder, and a SKÅDIS set of three storage baskets with items.
See the SKÅDIS series

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