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Children's storage & organization

Playful boxes to keep their favorite things

Children’s rooms can get seriously messy. Keep the toys and clutter out of sight with these BARNDRÖM storage boxes. 100% recycled, in lots of different sizes with motifs and numbers on the sides, they’re perfect for storing collectibles like stones, twigs, and broken pieces of plastic they found on the floor.

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Three different sized BARNDRÖM boxes with motifs are stacked against a bright yellow background.
Twelve BARNDRÖM boxes in different colours with numbers on are stacked on top of each other against a yellow background.
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More optionsVESSLA Storage crate with casters 39x39 cm (15 ¼x15 ¼ ")

VESSLA Storage crate with casters, blue, 39x39 cmVESSLA Storage crate with casters, light pink, 39x39 cm
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Tidy-up time!

Make tidying up simple with this easy-to-carry and lightweight STRANDSKATA basket and FLISAT book display that’s low enough for your child to reach their books without help from grown-ups.

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A child is carrying a STRANDSKATA basket with plush animals inside. Behind them is a bookshelf with childrens books.
In a light-filled room, a FLISAT bookshelf containing children’s books sits on a rattan rug next to the edge of a sofa.
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A fun place to hang

Hanging up their belongings on tricky hooks can be hard for kids to remember. This BÄRFIS hook is super easy for small hands to hang their possessions. Just mount it on the door and the playful and easy-to-use round hooks provide the perfect place for headphones, a rucksack, or their beloved baseball cap.

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Several BÄRFIS hooks with a rucksack, headphones and cap hang on a dark blue wall against a yellow background.
Against a dark blue background, there’s a close-up of BÄRFIS hooks in wood with a white metal frame.
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