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Inaja - Goods Flow

Wat doe ik bij IKEA?
I work in the Logistics area of IKEA Amsterdam. My role is to facilitate the replenishment process in the Market Hall area of the store. This means making sure that our customer find all IKEA products that they need when they come to the store. Recently I got the opportunity to be involved in the logistics planning of the rebuild of the Market Hall.

Inspiration is what drives me. IKEA can give you a lot of it. This comes from people you work with, or the story behind each product, the social and sustainable initiatives and so much more. By working at IKEA I got inspired and connected and I am honoured to keep this culture going on as a co-worker. This means to me in my daily work to always share in my way of talking, acting and making decisions what makes us unique - our values, our positiveness and hands-on attitude, smile a lot and also as much as I can connect with people.

De UPPDRAG van Inaja
De UPPDRAG van Inaja