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    Unique people, unique UPPDRAGS

    Every IKEA employee has his or her own motivation to work at IKEA. A personal mission to improve themselves, IKEA and the world around us. In Sweden, such a personal mission is called an Uppdrag.

    That's how we all contribute to IKEA's vision in our own unique way. Creating a better everyday life for as many people as possible.

    "Our Vision is; To create a better
    everyday life for the many people"

    Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA

      (Only available in Dutch)

        HR Administrator

        What do I do at IKEA?

        As HR administrator I am responsible for the correct and on-time processing of HR administration. I identify how the processes change over time and where the processes do not run smoothly. I contribute to the development of possible solutions to make processes simpler and more efficient or to make them compliant with current and future legislation and regulations.

        My UPPDRAG

        Processes can only be processed on time and accurately in a dedicated team. It takes a lot of insight and creativity to analyze a process together and to set it up more efficiently. When all this succeeds, it gives me personally a boost to want to constantly improve everything.

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