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Tasty and sustainable food

Good food is not all about taste. The Swedish delicacies in our Restaurants, Bistros and the Swedish Food Market also have to be sustainable, nutritious and affordable. We not only strive to ensure that the ingredients have a good origin with the correct certificates, but we also provide plant-based alternatives that have a positive impact on the environment. Have a look what we're offering below!

The new Swedish balls

Since August 2020, a new ball joined the rest of the #ballsfromIKEA in Europe. The new Swedish ball has the same taste, appearance and bite as the beloved meatball, but with just plant-based ingredients.

Besides being a delicious alternative, its production has much less impact on the environment. 25 times less to be precise. 

A better world with every cup of coffee

PÅTÅR is our range of coffee products. They are all responsibly sourced and made from 100% high quality Arabica beans. This is how we make tasty coffee affordable.

And it's about more than just good taste. PÅTÅR is organic according to EU standards and UTZ certified. The perfect combination, because our coffee is less harmful to nature and we have a positive impact on the lives of coffee farmers. Do you want to know where the coffee exactly comes from? Then check out .

BELÖNING - chocolate that everyone deserves

BELÖNING is our range with high quality dark chocolate and milk chocolate products, both made from cocoa with a UTZ certificate.

UTZ certified means that the cocoa has been responsibly grown and harvested. When cocoa farmers participate in the UTZ program, they learn farming methods that require less harmful chemicals and use water and soil in a more sustainable way. This ensures higher yields, while less deforestation takes place.Want to know more? Check out .

Veggie dog

Our well-known hot dog needed a buddy, so in 2019 we introduced the plant-based variant: the veggie hot dog. This one includes red lentils, quinoa, carrot, kale, turmeric and ginger. The plant-based version of the classic hot dog is not only healthier, but also a lot better for the environment. For example, the CO2 emissions per kilogram are seven times lower. With cabbage, fried onions and mustard you create an amazing explosion of flavors. Enjoy!

Plant-based strawberry soft ice cream

The soft ice creams are one of the most popular products in the IKEA bistro. But we also wanted to be able to offer a plant-based alternative. That is why we started working with plant-based soft ice cream in 2018. The result: a plant-based treat that is just as creamy and fluffy as the traditional soft ice cream. The plant-based soft ice cream is made from fruit and mashed strawberries.

EGENTID - sustainable tea

All EGENTID tea is responsibly grown. They consist entirely of leaves with a UTZ certificate, or a mix of leaves with a UTZ certificate and a UEBT certificate. This way you know for sure that your cup of tea has been grown responsibly and that the farmers work and live in better conditions.

We have black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos, chai and various fruit and herbal flavors.

An ocean full of flavor

The SJÖRAPPORT series consists of all kinds of deliciousness that the sea has to offer. Since 2015, all salmon and shrimp in our range have been awarded the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) or MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) quality mark. This means that strict environmental and social requirements in the area have been met. When you eat MSC-certified fish or shellfish, you can be sure you support sustainable fishing and help protect marine life for generations to come.