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Urban kitchen solutions

Urban homes often mean small spaces and tricky architecture, but that doesn’t change the need for a storage-optimised (and stylish!) space for cooking. The flexible ENHET kitchen can tackle most nooks while letting you express your style to the fullest.

Limited space, unlimited possibilities. A portable induction hob (that can be stored away) lets you prepare and cook your meals on the same worktop.

Transparent jars and spice mills are stylish, and they’re very practical too: you will never take the wrong spice by mistake...again.

A height-adjustable bar stool, like DALFRED, makes sure your cosy kitchen nook is as comfy as can be.

Messy drawers are never any fun, especially not when you’re hungry and looking for a spoon. A cutlery tray keeps everything in place!

Both open and closed storage ensures that you can show off what you like, and hide what you don’t like (your old toaster, perhaps?).