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Sit stand desks

Whether you work from home, sit at the office at the computer or do your homework: behind a good desk you sit (or stand) better. Do you have a flexible work posture? Then a sitting or standing desk is ideal for you. With our sit-stand desks you can create an ergonomic workplace at home or at the office. Choose an electrically operated sit-stand desk or use a crank to set the desk at the right height.

Discover all sit stand desks:



The SKARSTA sit-stand desk can be adjusted in height from 70-120 cm with the crank. This makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing, and also trains your arm muscles when you adjust the height. When you use your body, you feel better and work better.

  • Available in 120x70 cm and 160x80 cm.
  • Two colour combinations: white and beige/white
  • Height adjustable from 70-120 cm
  • Crank can be mounted both left and right
  • Free 10-year warranty


With the electric sitting and standing desks of the BEKANT series you simply press a button and work both sitting and standing. This robust desk is guaranteed to withstand years of coffee drinking and hard work. You get a spacious workstation and a smart solution to keep cords under the tabletop in place.

  • Available in 120x80 cm and 160x80 cm and as a corner desk.
  • Multiple colour combinations possible in white, oak veneer, black & blue.
  • Electrically adjustable in height from 65-125 cm.
  • Free 10 year warranty


The IDÅSEN series of standing desks can be easily operated with the lever on the desk or with your smartphone. In the IDÅSEN app you can choose the perfect sitting and standing height according to your preferences. Your forearms and wrists are relieved when writing or typing by the rounded desktop and the cord net under the top keeps your desk tidy and tidy.

  • Available in 120x80cm and 160x80cm.
  • Several colour combinations possible in black, dark brown, dark grey & beige.
  • Electrically adjustable in height from 63-127 cm.
  • Remotely controllable with your smartphone or tablet with the 'Desk Control' app.
  • Free 10 year warranty

sit stand support

Move while you're sitting. The TROLLBERGET sit stools help you to sit actively. A clever mechanism keeps the body constantly in motion, strengthens your muscles and spine, and ensures a naturally healthy posture.

sit stand support

The NILSERIK standing support provides an active sitting position that improves your posture. Easily adjustable in height with the handles under the seat. The rounded base plate helps you find a comfortable, slightly inclined sitting position.

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