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Let us pick up and recycle your old mattress

IKEA has a mattress return and recycling service: if you have a new mattress delivered to your home, we will take your old mattress with us for 19.-. We make sure your old mattress is processed in a sustainable way.

mattress return and recycling service
mattress return and recycling service

How does it work?

  • Choose a new mattress at an IKEA store
  • Arrange the delivery of your new mattress and the recycling service for your old mattress at the information desk
  • You'll get a transport bag to put the old mattress in at home
  • You'll pay the products, delivery costs and recycling service costs at the checkout
  • On the delivery day of your new mattress, you put the old one in the transport bag. The driver takes it with him.

How much does it cost?

Using the mattress return and recycling service costs 19.-. On your receipt this is processed as 18.99 for the recycling service and 0.01 for the transport bag.

What happens to the old mattresses?

Our recycling partner takes care of the recycling. Many materials are used in mattresses: fabric, polyurethane/PU foam, cotton, wool, latex, wood and steel springs. Most materials can be recycled (85% to 90% is possible). The foam is used as an insulation material or as an underlay for carpets, judomats or cow mattresses. The wood is used as secondary fuel. The cotton and wool is re-used as a cleaning cloth. The steel springs are re-used as scrap. Only the outer cover (ticking) remains to be burned.

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