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How to reduce waste the easy way

Reducing waste is in the little things. A cup of coffee to go. A bit of plastic foil to keep fruit or an oven dish fresh in the fridge, or new batteries for your computer keyboard. Every time you throw away such things, it costs you a few cents. With these tips you save both in your wallet and in the trash can, without much effort.

Smart to go and smart for at home

Thirsty? A cup of tea or a bottle of water for when you're on the go is always a good idea. And when you have your own bottle, that's extra smart. You don't need to buy a new one each time you want to satisfy your thirst. With our reusable water bottles you're ready to go.

Handige flessen

From one time use to 1500 time use

When you take a moment to look around your home, you'll discover quite some items that work on batteries. From your computer mouse to a little light. And don't the prices of these batteries sometimes give you a surprise? Here's a solution. Our super affordable LADDA rechargable batteries can be used and recharged 1500 times. And that's also quite a bit better for nature than the chemicals from regular batteries.

Save up a full cart of groceries

On average, a person in the Netherlands throws away 34 kilogram of food every year. That equates to about € 120, and that's quite a big cart filled with groceries. Reducing your food waste also tastes good, because it starts with saving leftovers for later. At IKEA we have lots of great products to help you get started with that.

Sort and re-use

It's almost impossible not to have waste. Luckily there's solutions for that. Well sorted waste can be a source for new products. Our KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts are made from recycled plastic bottles, and there's many more examples. With our smart waste sorting solutions it's easy.

At IKEA we do our best to do our part. In 2020 we recycled 85% of our trash, in 2030 we're going for 100%.

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