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Better sleep

Sleep fitness with IKEA

Did you know that two out of three Dutch people have trouble sleeping? Sleeping well is just as important as eating healthy food, which is why IKEA introduces Sleep Fitness!

To get a good night's sleep, you need more than a nice pillow and a mattress. Good news: you can learn how to sleep well! Anyone can become a sleep expert. Sleep coach Anouk Puister explains in the video session below how you can get more out of your sleep. You will learn more about sleeping and she will help to improve your sleeping atmosphere - light, temperature, sound and air. In five steps you will have the sleep of your dreams!


    • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day
    • Tired? Take a power nap of 20 or 90 minutes instead of a long sleep.
    • Don't drink coffee after lunchtime


    • Maximize (day)light as soon as you wake up and go outside during the day
    • When going to sleep, make it as dark as possible in your bedroom
    • Keep the temperature between 16 and 18 degrees
    • Provide enough fresh air in your bedroom


    • Muffle annoying noises with heavy curtains and rugs
    • Choose calm colours, such as neutral tones and blue tones for your bedroom
    • Keep as much clutter out of sight as possible
    • Try to sleep on your side and back

    New! Personal sleep advice

    Could you use a little help decorating your bedroom?

    Together with our specialist you can create the bedroom of your dreams during an online or in-store appointment, which fits your wishes and needs. This service costs € 19.

    Everyone sleeps differently. Some may sleep on their side, while another prefers to sleep under a duvet as thick as possible. Some sleep best on a hard mattress. As long as you know how to sleep your best, you can get out of bed with your best foot forward every day. Whether you have that perfect pillow, or those darkening curtains, we have the perfect sleep solutions for everyone. No matter how you sleep, you sleep smarter with IKEA.

      Comfort guide

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