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There's more to paying less

New lower price, same quality

At IKEA, we believe the only way to lower a price is by making sure that quality stays the same. That is why we spend so much time looking for the best way to design, produce and (flat) pack everything. Time that, in the end, is money everyone saves: IKEA in the overall costs, you in the retail price. So you see, there’s more to that little red tag than just a great price - there’s also a never ending story of a brand trying to make more, for less - so than you can pay less, for more.

New lower price on a red background

Meet SANELA. SANELA is quite popular. Which led us to increase production. Which made us to lower the costs. Which allowed us to lower the price. Which will probably make it even more popular. And who knows where that will lead?

Fun sustainable fact:

SANELA is made out of cotton. IKEA has been using (since 2015) 100% sustainable cotton, produced with 50% less water and 30% less chemicals. Our goal is to make sustainable cotton self-evident, affordable and accessible to everyone!

Low, how? Know how.

We are able to offer affordable products by using smarter designs, flat packaging and producing in high volumes. Great quality, No compromise.

Four red mugs over red background, stacked

More is less. For everyone.

The more you like it, the more we do it. Obviously. And the more we do it, the less we pay for it. Naturally. Now the less we pay for it, the less you pay for it. Sensibly. And the less you pay for it, the more you like it. Reasonably. And we all know how that ends...

Hands assembling a piece of furniture

Small details, smaller prices

From the width of the holes to the size of the screws, the principle is quite simple: the more we design these details alike, the less time (and money) everyone spends - we in production, you in assemblage. That is why smart design makes everything easier. Namely, lowering prices.

Children highchair with tray in white, playing with a spoon. On the side, parts of another chair on a red background.

The flatter, the better

Why do we flat pack? Because it saves up space - and space costs money. Imagine that, because of flat packing, we can pack twice as many products in a single lorry. That means we’ll only need half as many lorries, thus saving everyone money, which is great. All while saving the planet, which is even better.

A never ending story

If there’s one thing we learned about a great price, is that it can always be a little lower. That is why lowering prices is a never ending story at IKEA. Just look out for the little red tag and remember it means a better, more affordable, everyday life for the many.