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IKEA Catalogue

The new catalogue is back. More than 100 pages full of inspiration, tips and trends to get started at home. Listen to the audio book below and view the digital catalogue. Follow the steps to listen and browse at the same time.

*Please note: the audio book is only available in Dutch

1. Listen to the audiobook

Have you heard? For the first time this year the catalogue is also available as an audiobook on Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud (keyword IKEA Netherlands). Then you can enjoy browsing with your ears and hear what you like.

*Only available in Dutch

    2. Browse through the digital catalogue

    For some years now, we have been looking for useful alternatives to the annual paper catalogue. We carry out tests in various markets. This year we are doing a test, in which we do not distribute a printed catalogue in a large part of the Netherlands. Instead, we are using our digital catalogue on a larger scale. Check it out here.

    *Only available in Dutch

      Frequently asked questions

      Q.When does the digital catalogue arrive?

      A. The digital IKEA Catalogue will be available from 27 August on

      Q. Does the decision for a test also have anything to do with the criticism of the unsolicited sending of the catalogue to residential addresses in the Netherlands?

      A. This decision is not related to this. However, we find it more contemporary and responsible if interested parties choose to use our digital catalogue instead of receiving the printed catalogue without being asked to do so. We expect this to be more effective.

      Q. Did you receive a lot of 'complaints' about the reduced circulation that was distributed in the Netherlands last year?

      A. That number has remained limited. We have noticed that more and more customers are finding the digital catalog easy to find. Customers who preferred a printed version were referred to the extra copies in the shops. We will do the same this year.

      Q. Why do you send catalogues in the area of IKEA Delft (or other stores)?

      A. In order to be able to carry out the test accurately, we do have the catalogue distributed in the area of IKEA Delft. This way we can see if there are differences in appreciation. IKEA Delft was deliberately chosen because it is a test shop of Inter IKEA Systems BV, the company that owns the IKEA brand. The circulation within the area of IKEA Delft is over 550,000 pieces. That is also the number of catalogues that will be distributed.

      Q. How many copies of the catalogue are available for collection in the shops? By when? Can I reserve a copy? Can I also order a copy by phone or online?

      A. Especially for IKEA fans who really appreciate a printed copy, for example to keep their collection complete, we provide a limited number of paper catalogues. There are about 250,000 of them and they will be available in our stores from 27 August until stocks last.

      Q. How do I know how many catalogues there are left in the shop (because, for example, I have to drive 2 hours)?

      A. As of 27 August, more than 250,000 copies of the printed IKEA Catalogue will be available in our 12 stores. This is while stocks last. Unfortunately, we can't provide real-time insight into how many copies each store has at what point in time. If there are no more copies available, please refer our customers to to view our digital version there.

      Q. Can't you send me a catalogue?

      A. We advise customers to view the catalogue on from 27 August. For the real enthusiasts of the printed version, there will be a limited number of copies available in the shops from 27 August, as long as stocks last. Unfortunately it is not possible to receive a catalogue by mail.

      Q. Since you are going to send printed versions in Delft, can't the shop in Delft send me a catalogue?

      A. Unfortunately this is not possible. This specific printed edition is intended for distribution in the defined test area of Delft. We advise customers to view the new catalogue digitally at from 27 August. For the real enthusiasts of the print version, there will be a limited number of copies available in the shops from 27 August, as long as stocks last.

      Q. Where can I leave my opinion as a customer?

      A. Customers who would like to share their opinion/feedback about this test with us, can email us at This e-mail address is also open for feedback.

      Q. I live near IKEA Delft. How do I know if I get a printed copy through my mailbox?

      A. In the area around 45 minutes drive from IKEA Delft a total coverage of 60% is reached. In the PDF below you can see if your postal code is included. NOTE: this does not mean that you actually get it, there is no 100% distribution but 60% distribution and your address is filtered out if you have indicated this to us or mentioned at Postfilter.


      *Only available in Dutch