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    Made by me. Kiang Aitao, Doi Tung DP, Thailand

    HANTVERK Limited collection

    HANTVERK is Swedish for handicraft and is the result of a cooperation with social enterprises from Thailand, India and Jordan. The limited collection consists of ceramics, baskets and textiles that include potters from Thailand, weavers from India and seamstresses from Jordan have worked on. The beautiful products from the HANTVERK series give your interior a warm ambiance.

    HANTVERK limited collection - made by real professionals from Thailand.
    HANTVERK limited collection - made by real professionals from Thailand.
    HANTVERK limited collectie – gemaakt door echte vakmensen uit Thailand.
    The details in the material show that each product is made by hand.

    Iina Vuorivirta, IKEA designer

    HANTVERK baskets in two sizes
    HANTVERK baskets in two sizes

      Made by me. Kavitha Nagaraj, Industree, India

      In collaboration with

      Each handmade basket made from banana fibres is the result of a collaboration between IKEA and social enterprises in India.

      Banana fibres are not only good for weaving baskets - it's a sustainable choice because it's what's left after the banana harvest.

      Iina Vuorivirta, IKEA designer

      The HANTVERK baskets are handmade from banana fibres by real professionals from India.
      The HANTVERK plaid, handgeweven uit India

      A mix of styles

      The HANTVERK collection is a combination of Scandinavian modern design with Indian influences.

      I sent a sketch to Rangsutra in India and once the prototype was in my hands, I saw two different lines in the product. It was something different than I had in mind, but was pleasantly surprised by the result. By working together, each product in the collection has been given a beautiful design.

      Iina Vuorivirta, IKEA designer

      HANTVERK limited collection
      HANTVERK limited collection

        Made by me. Abeer Almnajed, JRF, Jordan

        A design that creates jobs

        The cushion covers from the HANTVERK collection are - thanks to the pattern and stitching - a striking appearance on any sofa. IKEA helps to create jobs with female artisans, among others, when making these covers.

        HANTVERK cushions, handmade from Jordan
        HANTVERK wreath
        HANTVERK multicolour cushions
        HANTVERK multicolour cushions
        HANTVERK gift bags IKEA

        Sustainable gift bag

        The mulberry trees of northern Thailand are not only loved for their delicious nutritious fruit, the bark is a perfect source for the production of paper. The gift bags from the HANTVERK series are made from the bark and are therefore sustainable and unique.

          Meet Indian basket weaver Kavitha Nagaraj.

          A better life for everyone

          By working with social entrepreneurs around the world, IKEA helps create jobs for people who need them.