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Celebrate summer with the SOLBLEKT collection

The sun is coming out again, so it's time to get your home ready for summer! Freshen up with accessories the bright colours and vintage patterns of the SOLBLEKT collection. Get ready for sunshine!

The SOLBLEKT collection of foldable, vintage patterned products for the modern nomad will last for many summers to come.

A patterned beach chair with an umbrella and towels, standing on a sandy beach. A blue bicycle stands in the background.

Bring the beach vibe with you everywhere you go. With a SOLBLEKT beach chair you get the right, relaxing look.

The SOLBLEKT mattress is so thin and lightweight you can always keep it with you when sunbathing. Close your eyes and you can almost feel the sand in between your toes.

Summer means surprises! With playful balcony furniture, parasols and towels, you can get your entire street in a summer mood.

Play and explore. With SOLBLEKT rackets in retro colours and poetic patterns, the heat will be rising.

It’s hot, stay cool. With a SOLBLEKT parasol in vintage, tropical patterns, you’ll certainly draw some attention.