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The open airy agency


Even a suit and tie company can create a liberating, eco-friendly environment. Here’s how we designed an agency workspace and brought plants into the office to create a vibrant work life.

This office means business when it comes to creating a sustainable workplace. These smooth linoleum worktops are crafted from natural materials like linseeds, limestones and pine tree rosin.

IKEA BEKANT zwarte rekken gebruikt om werkplekken van elkaar te scheiden met notitieblaadjes aan de magnetische panelen.

Shelving units make great cubicle dividers – and free-standing storage makes the workspace feel less cramped. These metal units are magnetic too, making it a multifunctional moodboard for posting reminders, ideas and sketches. Top each surface with a succulent or two for a lively touch.

IKEA GLATTIS gouden dienbladen met een verzameling van vetplanten op de zwarte rekken.

Feel green in your workplace. Plants in an office provide a lush, refreshing feeling, and can even help purify the air. A combination of earthy coloured pots and gold bring a bit of bling to this office.

IKEA hanglampen, hangplanten en VEDBO blauwe stoelen in een wachtruimte.

Welcome clients and candidates into a lofty lounge space. A combination of hanging plants and pendant lamps at different heights can help create a cosy and playful atmosphere.

IKEA ODGER zwarte stoelen en LISABO zwarte, rechthoekige tafel in een open eetkamer.

Say hello to a stylish break area: these chairs are made out of wood and are super comfortable. Keeping an airy, open break area can encourage conversations and collaborations.