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World Cat Day was conceived to honour cats. And here at IKEA, we can't get enough of them — just like Marij from 'My Attic', who knows exactly how to make a cat happy. So roll up your sleeves and get working on the cat house of your feline's dreams!

Cat with cat house and wooden chest of drawers, and wall shelf with plants
Cat with cat house and wooden chest of drawers, and wall shelf with plants

The expert on cat houses

Marij, My Attic: "A well-known problem is that almost all cats tend to scratch their sharp nails on your favourite furniture. My cats Mos and Def are no exception. A scratching post is a good solution that allows your cats to go crazy with their claws. But really stylish options are few and far between. You can use mini rugs to create a beautiful scratching board in a flash."


Saw two pieces of wood to 17 cm x 40 cm and 62 cm x 40 cm. You can also ask the DIY store to do this for you when you buy the wood. Sand the edges smooth with sandpaper.



Join the two pieces together


Place the mini rug on top of the plank and attach it with a staple gun. And your scratching board is ready!

Two wooden planks against a pink wall


Place the small plank on its edge on the floor and place the edge of the large board on top of it. Join the two planks together with three or four screws; make sure that the screws are long enough for extra strength.

Attach the rug with a staple gun

Cat house with cat in the living room with rug and a low cabinet
Cat house with cat in the living room

Marij, My Attic: "We all know that cats love cardboard boxes. So I keep hold of all cardboard packaging to make things for Mos and Def. A disposable house is easy, playful and peaceful!


Dismantle the box and decide which parts are most useful. Mark out the parts that you need for the house on the cardboard. You'll need two sides, a front and back with pointed roof and, of course, the roof itself. To make the roof, you can just fold a square piece in half. Use a round object, such as a coaster, to draw a door on the front.

Cut out the front of the cat house by cutting along the lines


Stick the roof to the sides with tape. Do this on the inside so that there is no tape on the outside. Place the house wherever you like and put a soft blanket inside. Et voilà! A home-made paradise for your cat. We bet you never knew how easy it would be to make a cat house!

Cardboard box with drawn shapes


Cut out all the parts with scissors, or use a Stanley knife. Place the front and the two sides of the house flat on the ground. Stick the parts together with no tape showing on the outside. Do the same with the back of the house.

Stick the roof to the side with tape

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