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#Workingfromhome: OFFICE@ HOME

thuiswerken werken vanuit huis wooninspiratie ikea

Send an e-mail to your client, while sitting on your office chair in your pyjamas. Working from home can be wonderful! Play your own playlist, homemade coffee and casual friday as the main dress code. Four tips to make your home an inspiring place to work.

Tips for cleaning up

Nothing is more distracting than a pile of junk around you. Creating an overview and properly organizing your administration and other paperwork creates a clear mind. Beautiful storage boxes and folders will help you on your way to organizational bliss. Label everything properly or write a nice text on the side. In no time at all, your workplace will look neat and tidy.


Spoil yourself with cool writing utensils like pens, scissors and notebooks. Not only does it brighten up your workplace, it also makes you want to grab the pen from time to time in an old-fashioned way.

Clean up your things in nice boxes and baskets. This may be admired in the display case.

Give your bare wall a personal touch with catchy quotes, photos and funny gadgets. You will see that this stimulates your brain in a positive way. Especially if you hang things you're proud of and have fun memories of!

Tip van de stylist

Table and office chair

Working from home requires a good office chair and table. Make sure the table is not too high for your arms. Do you have a work and dining table in one? Put your computer screen on the side of the table and surround it with small plants and fun magazines and books. Nowadays, office chairs have the characteristics of a dining chair. So get rid of the bulky and boring office chairs!

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