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Now it's getting dark earlier, having good lighting in your house is key. Lighting not only illuminates a space, but also creates a homely atmosphere in your room. To help you get your lighting right, we share all the things you need to look out for. All IKEA lamps are designed to look stylish and are equipped with a host of convenient features.

Autumn lighting plan
Autumn lighting plan

There are three types of lighting: basic lighting, functional lighting and mood lighting. Basic lighting is distributed across the entire room. Functional lighting might take the form of a reading lamp or a spotlight above a painting. Mood lighting brings everything together. It makes your living room cosy or adds a touch of drama to your lighting concept. Your overall lighting concept is a mix of these three types of lighting. Walk around your house in the evening and you'll soon discover if you have too many dark corners and whether you need to add additional lighting to your home.

Functional lighting

Start by choosing your functional lighting. Perhaps this will be a lamp next to your favourite reading chair or spotlights to light up cabinets and their contents. This type of light is strong and concentrated, so make sure that you're not looking straight into the light. Don't place lamps too high up, as this can be distracting. Using dimmers allows you to make your functional lighting more atmospheric.


Getting the most out of your functional lighting

To make functional lighting work for you, it is important to know how you plan to use a room. A spotlight above a worktop makes preparing food easier, while a mobile desk lamp ensures that you can shine light in any direction. So always take the time to think about ways you can make life as easy as possible for yourself.


IKEA lamps with dimmer

Sometimes, you don't want your lights to shine as brightly. A dimmer is a simple way to use your lamp to create a cosy atmosphere. With just one push of the button, you can change the vibe of a space from energetic to relaxed. You can also use a remote control from our TRÅDFRI collection. Switch to TRÅDFRI lamps and the matching remote control will take care of the rest!

Everything is illuminated

In the living room, the basic lighting is often a ceiling lamp or pendant lamp. These lamps light up the entire room, which is very handy if you're doing chores or if you arrive home late at night in the dark. If you've got a dining table in your living room, make sure that the lamp is 55–60 centimetres above the table. Apply the same rule in your seating area, because you don't want the lamp to block the view of the room.


Creating an atmosphere

Whether you're looking to create a cosy living room or a unique light show, mood lighting is indispensable. Atmospheric lighting also softens the shadows created by functional lighting and basic lighting. A light above your vintage record player, a standing lamp in the seating area or a decorative lamp in that dark corner can all contribute to the ideal lighting of your living room.


Room-defining light

The way you light a space can determine how people use it. For example, a floor lamp can turn a corner into a cosy reading spot, while a low-hanging light above a table ensures that people lean toward each other when they're sitting around the table chatting after dinner.

Spot on!

Experiment in your living room to see what creates the most beautiful effect. Each room needs a mix of shadow and light to create depth and accentuate the shapes and structures of your interior. Are you ready to get to work on your new lighting concept?