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Basic tips for your interior: Small living room

Kim's gonna take you for a look behind the scenes. Outfitting a small living room for a family is quite a challenge, especially if it has to be multifunctional. You want to be able to relax, play, eat and store. What is a good layout for the furniture? Where do you put all the toys? This week Kim will share her tips and tricks for a living room.

    *Video: only available in Dutch

     Basic tips for your small living room

    Kim has some basic tips to get the most out of your room. Do you have a large living room? Then read Kim's tips here.

    Use a moodboard, sketches or a colour palette. You will then have a clear plan from which you can work. A lighting plan is really essential. Think of good lighting above the dining table, a nice lamp next to the sofa or a reading lamp at the piano for your sheet music.

    Use the entire room. Don't be afraid to put your couch in the middle of the room if there is room for it. This will also allow you to share the room. Choose a round table. These take up a lot less space, but there can be a lot of people around them. Ideal to save space in your small room!

    Storing toys is a challenge for every parent. So make sure there is enough storage space. Choose a deeper closet, like this IVAR closet. Because the closet is deeper, it fits more without the need for an extra closet. You can also choose a sofa with storage space under the seat. It can do a lot without taking up extra space. Win-win, right?

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