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Multifunctional guest room — LISABO desk — IKEA interior inspiration

How do you get the most out of a room? Here are our tips: They're ideal to help you set up a multifunctional guest room, but also useful if you're just short on space. And you won't have to compromise on style either.

If you've got an unused room in your house, it can very quickly become an unloved dumping ground for stuff that you don't know what else to do with. And that's a shame, because you could do a lot more with the space — by turning it into a multifunctional guest room, for example. One day, your spare room might be hosting guests; the next, it's the perfect place for you to relax or get some work done. Handy!

Great guest room

If we're being honest, this space is so beautiful that you'll probably want to sleep in it yourself. To create the perfect guest room, choose a sofa bed that can be used both to relax and as a guest bed. Add some nice linen and bedding, and voilà: You've created the look and feel of a boutique hotel. Place the coffee table next to the bed so that your guests can use it as a bedside table. Do you have a sloped wall? Hang a clothing rail so your guests have somewhere to store their clothes.

Home office

You might not need a home office every single day, but it's nice to have a quiet place to get on top of your admin once or twice a month. And if you have the option of working at home, a desk in a nice space is essential. Save space by placing a desk against the back of the sofa bed. Add a nice cabinet to hold all your documents and to keep the room uncluttered. Place a lamp on the desk to use both while you're working and while you're sitting on the sofa with a book.

A wall with storage is a useful addition to any room. Installing a couple of cabinets on the wall means that you'll be able to find a home for everything".

Hobby spot

Do you have a creative hobby, but just can't find a dedicated space in your home? Well, it's high time that changed! Enjoy painting? Then put an easel in the guest room — it will look great! Use a trolley to store everything you need for your creative pursuits. Paint, brushes, paper, yarn… By ensuring that you have everything within reach, the chances are that you'll find much more time to be creative. You'll find it hard to tear yourself away from the guest room!

Sit back and relax

When you just want to chill out, there's nothing better than settling down on the sofa with a few cosy cushions and your favourite books. Style your room with accessories in calming colours, put on your favourite music, and feel your cares melt away… Wonderful!