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All in a day's work

Spending all day in pyjamas and a commute that could be measured in steps. Working from home was the dream. But after a few months behind a screen at the dining room table, they realised that they need to think differently about their home. By creating designated zones, they cleverly configured their open plan loft for both living and working. Now, they enjoy a productive workday from several spots, while switching off completely in the evening, revelling in some spreadsheet-free downtime.

A living room with armchairs and a LANDSKRONA sofa around a coffee table, with a display cabinet to the left of the sofa.
A living room with armchairs and a LANDSKRONA sofa around a coffee table, with a display cabinet to the left of the sofa.

Morning catch up

Before the couple get stuck into work behind their separate screens, they share a moment over coffee in their living room. Designed for comfort and conversation, this corner of their loft has been filled with the beautiful mementos and artefacts they’ve collected over their years together.

A close-up of two watercolour paint tubes and a piece of paper lying in an ERTAPPAD dish in blue on a table corner.
A close-up of two thick-stemmed dried flowers in a glass vase with a colourful painting in the background.
Two pot plants and a blue dish on top of a blue surface with a wall of art behind it.
An AGEN armchair in rattan and bamboo with a cushion resting in its seat.
A LANDSKRONA sofa with two FABRIKÖR glass-door cabinets with objects inside in the background, with art on the wall.

    Colour your day warm

    From earthy terracottas and deep-sea blues to cheeky pops of pink, colour plays a big part in making this home the warm and welcoming space that it is.

    Portrait of a smiling man and woman.
    With working from home being the "new normal" for many, it's vital to ponder how you utilise space to maintain as good a work-home balance as possible.

    Hans BlomquistInterior designer

      While this couple share their home office for now, their long term dream is to be able to open it up for their friends to enjoy too. Here's to a future when we can work together again!

      A dining room being used as a working space, with a mix of desk and dining chairs around a MÖRBYLÅNGA dining table.

        Worker bee central

        A 6-seater for two? This couple always uses space to its full, fabulous potential. Now, as the table doubles as a working area, they added some desk chairs for better support - and snacks of course!

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        A man chatting to a woman who is seated on a LIDKULLEN active sit-stand support at an IDÅSEN sit-stand desk.

        Working from home?

        Getting the work-home balance right can be tricky in a smaller space. IKEA interior designer Hans Blomquist has some wonderful tips to make your home a productive workplace in the day and a cosy spot at night.

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        Coffee break

        There is always something going on in this kitchen, whether it’s the sound of cheerful tunes first thing in the morning, or yet another round of coffee brewing to fight off the mid-afternoon slump.

        A silver jug pouring water over ground coffee beans in an EGENTLIG coffee/tea maker with GLADELIG mugs to the left and right.
          A METOD kitchen with a wooden worktop. On the worktop are kitchen utensils, mugs and a coffee pot, with a rail on the wall.
            A vase of flowers and papers on a desk with NÄRSPEL trestles in front of three BILLY bookcases filled with books.


            Working remotely means a lot of on-screen time. This couple use their library for reading, researching or writing. Surrounded by stories, it’s a corner of quiet, perfect for digital detoxing between meetings.

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            Fresh as can be!

            When this pair first moved into their 1-bathroom apartment, the only non-negotiable was a double wash-basin. Even in a small space, you can still claim a space just for yourself! The combination of sleek white surfaces with warm wood accents gives the room a light yet inviting feel, with enough closed storage to keep everything organised.

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            A GODMORGON bathroom with a two drawer wash-stand with a mirror above and an ajar high cabinet to the right, with toiletries.
              A close-up of an open drawer of the GODMORGON wash-stand, revealing neatly displayed toiletries.
              SKOGSVIKEN black towel rail with towels against a white tile bathroom wall with a SYNNERBY tri-fold mirror above.
              A bathroom with a RÅGRUND chair with bamboo towel holders, next to an ajar GODMORGON high cabinet with towels inside.
              A FRÄCK stainless steel mirror against a white tiled bathroom wall.
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              Out of office

              Their bedroom is the one place in the apartment that is just for the two of them to relax and recharge without a screen in sight. Separating working and downtime spaces has really improved their sleep, but soft lighting and a glorious, comfy bed help too.

              An IDANÄS bedframe with a PUDERVIVA dark blue quilt cover and pillowcases, next to a side table with a pendant light above.
                A close-up of an IDANÄS bedframe with a PUDERVIVA dark blue quilt cover and pillowcases.