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Do you associate country-style interiors with romance, shabby-chic and elegantly decorated photo frames? Guess again! Instead, we opted for a healthy dose of 'country swag' (sort of...) — mixed with bamboo and rattan. And this was the result…

It's not surprising that so many people love country-style living. This style produces a light and yet super cosy interior. Opting for a light base colour not only keeps your living room airy and modern, it also allows you to create a new look whenever you want with smart styling tricks. Here's how to do it!

Basic setup

As we've already said, everything begins with a good base. Choose a lot of white, and light colours such as beige. With wooden furniture, bamboo and rattan accents, you can subtly add more warmth to your room. This creates a modern yet rustic feel. Choose a cosy white sofa and put a wicker chair in the seating area. Add a cushion or throw in coordinated colours.

Tray in a storage rack with home accessories against a jungle-print wall

Pink is my new religion

Got the basics in place? Then it's time to choose an accent colour. For us, it was love at first sight with soft pink. This colour creates a romantic feel without being over the top. Use the colour in different areas: whether a cushion on the sofa or a book cover; a table runner or a bunch of fresh roses. Pink works wonderfully with rattan and bamboo. Fill an open cabinet with this combination! Give your country-style living room more character by adding something unexpected, such as a tropical black-and-white wallpaper on the wall.


Don't be afraid of adding too many accessories. By grouping and coordinating the colours, you'll be able to maintain a serene overall look. Don't put things away too neatly in boxes or on a table. Unexpected open spaces and height differences are what makes this look exciting.

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Curious about the colour on the wall?
Pink paint: C8.05.75 by Flexa

Table manners

There are a whole host of options for a dining table to match your country-style living room. A bench at the table creates an inviting feel. And accessories look great on the table when it's not in use. Flowers create a wonderful spring vibe. When it's time to eat, turn the table pink by adding anything from a single water jug to a whole set of crockery! If your dining table is against a wall, install a rack where you can hang flowers. You can let them dry, or tie small vases onto strings. So cute!

— Photography: Floor Knaapen —

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