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December is around the corner, Santa Claus is back, and the glitter can be used again! Also, outside of this period there are enough reasons to put someone in the spotlight. That means that sometimes we no longer know what we can give someone as a gift. Of course you want to be original, but how do you find the right gift for the right person? Here you will find the gift tips to look good.


Are you looking for a gift for the techy, the sustainable thinker, or gold lover? Find here our selection of gifts for the holiday season.

chocolat-gift-idea-IKEA living inspiration
chocolat-gift-idea-IKEA living inspiration

For the chocolate lovers

Original and extra tasty: chocolate spoons! Melt the chocolate and pour it on the spoon. Be creative and decorate with different toppings or mix with two types of chocolate. Let it harden well and you have the perfect chocolate spoons for coffee or chocolate milk. Just pack up and you're done! Nice (and tasty) to make, delicious to receive!


For the bon vivant

A nice drink or a homemade juice is always a good choice. Festively wrap the bottle or jar with a nice piece of fabric. Make it extra personal by decorating the fabric yourself. This can be done by stamping a pattern on it, for example with a corncob and textile paint. That way, it can later also be used as a table runner.

DIY-fabric-personal-decoration-IKEA living inspiration

For the interior lovers

Looking for a gift for someone who is really in to interior? You can't have enough vases and other home accessories. By using different accessories you can create a different atmosphere at home every time. Go for a touch of gold to make the interior a little more exciting or go for stylish with vases with special shapes.


Go for home accessories

Giving someone a nice accessory for his or her home is always a good idea. It can always fit in, and in addition, a refreshing aspect is always welcome in an interior.

There are various options for every room. Whether it is actually a piece of furniture or a small accessory that immediately creates a different atmosphere.

For the kids

Of course we can not forget the kids! Go for a beautiful dollhouse with a real IKEA interior. Children can also enjoy themselves for hours with a train set or the wooden stacking game. All wooden IKEA toys also come from sustainable sources. So not only fun, but also responsible play!

For the chef (to be)

Are you searching a gift for an experienced chef? Or just for someone who could use a little help? With this package you can make both happy. indispensable in every kitchen is a cutting board made of acacia wood which is already a true work of art in itself. Without a knife set the cutting board can't be used. It is a true essential for the cook. With the use of a mortar, fresh flavors and oils from the herbs you get an even more intense taste.

For the person who's always missing a tool

We all know a person who is handy and has the right tools for every job. With this tool set there is no more excuse! Use our compact electric screwdriver and our toolkit to complete the jobs yourself without having to ask your handy friend or neighbour.

For the hostess (or host!)

Forget the flowers and the bottle of wine, with these gifts for the hostess you will make a really good impression. Small warning: you will might keep them yourself. These gifts have a personal touch and also look great. They can really only be well received!

Gifts from your own oven (right?)

A homemade breadbox delicious with a drink or for breakfast. You are saving time of the hosstes with this ready-to-serve gift. Make your own butter by adding herbs, spices, nuts and fruits. Make a few diffrent types. Then put the butter in glass jars. Extra tasty: bake your favorite bread or get it at the bakery. The jars can be used again after the holidays for sweets or bath salts. Put everything in a wooden crate. Looks great and will also taste good!


Well seasoned

You can easily make this great spice rack yourself. Collect all kinds of herbs and hang them on a rack with a piece of string. Wrap the spice rack in a nice piece of fabric. The rack can be reused with other kitchen tools, or small pots with herbs can be collected.

No advent calender

Let your creativity go. A homemade gift will always be appreciated by the one who receives it. Is it a good friend of yours? Then put your next date on the calendar. Add nice cards and photos to it. Also handy: at the bottom of the rack are hooks that are perfect for hanging keys.

Time for tea

Much better than a regular tea bag: tea with fresh ingredients. This should not be missing among our presents for the hostess. Get a nice teapot with infuser, tea glasses and a few jars for tea leaves and spices such as cinnamon. Also add some fresh ingredients such as ginger and orange. Genius!


Wrapping like a pro!

Now that you have managed to score a good gift, it is time to pack it up nicely. We share 3 simple tutorials to help you along the way and to take your packaging skills to a higher level.

    For the little ones 

    Do you have a love/hate relationship with wrapping paper? No worries! This is the last-minute-child-can-do-it-variant. Go for a gift box that requires no tape and paper. 

      Make your gift personal 

      There is always a gift with a story, a beautifully written poem or a personal message. Of course you also want to add this nicely, so that it becomes a whole package. So that the eternally rolled up white A4 is a thing of the past, with these folding techniques you will steal the show!

        Complicated shapes

        There is always a package form that you do not know how to pack, or that you can immediately see what it is from the shape. Surprise! This no longer happens with this wrapping tip! This is the solution for all presents with a complex shape. Be creative and decorate it with paint or washi tape, for example. This way you have your own personalized gift!

        Get started (gifts for the hostess)