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Children's desk: from playground to homework station

children's desk - teen's desk - homework place - IKEA inspiration

Doing homework is a piece of cake with the right desk. Following trends is fun, and these desks and play spots (also for the little ones) are very stylish ...

No matter how old or young you are, a good workplace starts with the right base: a solid work space, a desk lamp and a comfortable, ergonomic chair. Is it a shared workplace like the dining table? Then keep it as clean and tidy as possible.

Nice and tidy

It's hard for kids to stay focused when there's a lot of junk, so they should be encouraged to keep things tidy. Is there not enough room for storage? Then place desk accessories such as a reading box, letter tray and pencil case to keep everything in order.

The creative children's desk

Would you like to create a children's area to boost your child's creativity and imagination? Then go for children's furniture made of wood in neutral, natural shades. That's a great base. If the children's desk is placed in the play area or kid's room, you can choose to paint (part of) the wall with blackboard paint. Choose a few accessories in primary colours. This gives the whole thing a cool look.

A graphic desk

Looking for a more mature style for a teenager? Mix graphic elements with white and pastel shades. A white desk with matching office chair provides peace and quiet while a graphic rug provides a style statement. With accessories - and perhaps a nice poster - in pastel shades, the perfect mix of colours and styles is created.

For the astronaut to be

Is your little one a real adventurer? Buckle up! This real astronaut workplace guarantees an exciting journey through space. How do you do it? A dark rug or carpet and a blue wall are the ideal base for your galaxy. A white children's desk and white accessories provide a perfect contrast. The SUNDVIK desk can be folded open. Handy for work, pens and some snacks. With white paint you can paint stars on the wall and a few paper round lamps can be used as planets. What do you think? This kids corner is out of this world cool, isn't it?

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