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DIY-washi tape- budget-interior - decor- IKEA ideas

It’s quick, leaves no marks, doesn’t cost much and is easy to remove. No wonder washi tape has so many fans. Check out five popular updates you can easily do yourself.

1. Inspiring walls

Give your bedroom a personal and cosy feeling by putting your favourite inspiring statement on your wall. Plan how big to make the letters and use a spirit level to keep them straight.

Get inspired and experience new home ideas from Ikea. Here we show you how to create a rag rug using IKEA UPPFATTA rolls of tape in pink, grey and mint-hued stripes with pink border. It’s fun and you can do it yourself!

2. Bohemian rug

Browse magazines for inspiration. Try rows of stripes or a zig-zag pattern. Decide how big you want your rug to be and go for it. Pick tape in a matching colour palette for a uniform and coordinated look.

Whatever your thing, you can find affordable furniture tips at IKEA. Decorating a small living room wall with washi tape panels is a great way to do it yourself. Just use IKEA GIVANDE black matt tape that is easy to stick and remove.

3. Add some DIY panels

Tired of minimalistic white walls and bare cupboards? Make your dream panels. Grab a picture for inspiration and a spirit level to mark out your design. Use thinner tape as shading to add the illusion of depth.

Add a twinkle to the eye to any interior with washi tape. We used rolls of IKEA SPRUDLA tape to create a calendar. Sticky notes are perfect for keeping track of appointments. The tape comes in lots of pretty colours, is easy to remove and has a matt look.
Stick a weekly calendar on a kitchen wall using IKEA SPRUDLA tape. The tape comes in pink and turquoise multi-patterned hues. Sticky notes are used to keep track of appointments so they don’t get forgotten about.

4. Make a weekly calendar

A smart calendar grid is easy to update with sticky notes – just right for the kitchen or study wall. Decide how many people it will cover. Use a spirit level to get your tape straight and tape away!

5. Top up your art wall

Yes, washi tape is easy to remove. But it can actually be used as a more permanent decoration feature. Mixing your real frames with illusional frames creates a unique impression. Attach the image to the wall. Then tape your frame design around it.

Everything for your washi tape DIY