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Looking inside: Growing greenery at home in a small apartment

Looking inside the appartment of Mia en Jakob

You don't need a lot of money and endless space to put together an interior that suits your lifestyle. Just look at these two students who turned their small apartment into a happy place filled with good vibes, peace and quiet, and a real indoor greenhouse.

As students, Mia and Jakob couldn't afford a big house, but thanks to their clever design, they created a light and spacious feeling. And yes, the height of the ceiling is also a nice detail. The room in which they have to socialize, study, eat, and sleep is divided into zones with emphasis on the workplace. Furnishing is not the only thing this duo can do, they are also masters of home growing. Fresh basil, anyone?

Convenient dining area for a small house

Their love for homegrown food and hosting goes hand in hand for Mia and Jakob. A lack of space does not prevent them from inviting friends to dinner. During meals, they create a small dining area with a quirky mix of chairs that normally stand here and there around the apartment.

Home growing for advanced growers

From cutting to the plate, with as little waste as possible, everyone can benefit from growing at home. A small apartment just means you have to be more creative. Mia and Jakob use trolleys in their compact kitchen to take care of their cuttings. Last year they produced more than 400 cuttings, which are eventually transferred from their kitchen to their vegetable garden. It makes life a bit fuller, but that's only for a month or so, so it's definitely worth it," says Jakob. When the trolleys are not used for growing, they are handy mobile storage spaces.

The all-in-one living room

If your 'bedroom' is in the same space as your house's social spots, it's important that you really create a quiet corner. Mia and Jakob chose a modest color scheme, a lot of bedspreads and blankets, and lots of pillows. The light curtain helps to soften the room and lets in a lot of light, especially now that the days are getting longer.

Affordable organic food

With their indoor greenhouse and vegetable garden, Mia and Jakob are not quite there yet. That's why buying quality, organic food is a priority. We don't buy things we don't need, and we spend the money we have on good food,' says the couple. Organic food doesn't have to be expensive. We've done research and found a few local suppliers we trust. We also try to waste as little as possible. We've never felt like we're doing ourselves short. We are doing well.