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It's (almost) time for the kids to go back to school — the perfect time to give their room a makeover. Hania's dream bedroom is a great source of inspiration. From working hard on homework to relaxing after school, this room has space for it all!

dream bedroom children's room Hania standing on stool drawing on the wall.

Bye-bye holiday mode!

It's time to tackle the children's bedroom(s). There are a few things to consider if you want to make sure that your smart ideas translate into your child's dream bedroom. Here's our list of things to think about — you'll have a great children's room and a happy kid in no time at all!

Bookshelves & more...

Create storage places that make it easy for children to display their favourite items. Open bookshelves and art shelves are ideal for kids who like to read. And they can act as handy storage for other things, too. For real bookworms, make sure that there's a comfy spot for reading in bed or in a cosy corner. If there's room, put a large cushion or mattress with some comfy cushions on it close to the bookshelves. Cosy!

Children's room inspiration: The right colour scheme

Colour can create a lively and energetic feel in your children's room. Using a range of textiles and adding photographs are clever ways to add colour to a white room. And accessories like this are a safe option because you can easily adjust them if your child's tastes suddenly change. Another great idea is an extendable bed. Each time the bed is lengthened, you can change the bed linen and pillows. Fun!

The ultimate homework spot: The perfect desk

After weeks and weeks of holiday, it's time to get back to learning. Hello homework! Kids need an inviting space to do their school work. By positioning the desk carefully, you can create a bedroom with multiple zones. Try placing the desk against the wall side-on. This works not only as a room divider, but also invites cooperation. You can join your child when it's time to check over their homework.

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