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Return and Recycling Service

IKEA Return and Recycling Service

Information about your delivery

IKEA closely follows the developments around the corona virus. The health and safety of our customers and co-workers is always a top priority for IKEA.

Therefor our delivery service will temporarily only bring products to your front door. This is to avoid direct personal contact as much as possible. If you live in an apartment, the order will still be delivered to the front door of your apartment. If there is no lift available, the order will be delivered up to the 4th floor.

We appreciate your understanding.

Have you bought a new mattress, kitchen, appliance or sofa? On delivery, your old mattress, kitchen or appliances will be taken away and recycled in a responsible manner.

This service is always in combination with home transportation.

Mattress Return and Recycling Service

What is the Mattress Return and Recycling Service?

You've just bought a new mattress in an IKEA store* and you're asking yourself: “What do I do with my old mattress?” Why not pay for our Mattress Return and Recycling Service? IKEA will take your old mattress away. It's that easy.

IKEA takes responsibility for ensuring that the mattress is processed in a sustainable manner.

*Only available in Dutch

How does it work?

  • You can choose a new IKEA mattress in our bed department.
  • You can arrange delivery of your new mattress as well as the return and recycling of your old mattress at the information desk. You'll be given a plastic mattress bag in which you can pack your old mattress at home.
  • You pay for your products and services at the checkouts.
  • On the day on which your new mattress is to be delivered, you should have your old mattress ready and packed in its plastic bag. The driver will only collect packed mattresses.

What does it cost?

The Mattress Return and Recycling Service costs 19.- (on your receipt this is processed as 18.99 for the recycling service and 0.01 for the transport bag).

We can take back a maximum of two mattresses – two mattresses up to 90 cm or one mattress from 140 cm — per transport service.

Please note that this service only applies if you purchase a new mattress in store and when you have the mattress delivered from the store.

Sofa Return Service

What is the Sofa Return Service?

Have you bought a new sofa in an IKEA store but you don't want or have the time to dispose of your old sofa? Then use our return service. When your new sofa is delivered, we'll take the old one away. Your old sofa will be recycled in a responsible manner.

* You can use this service when purchasing a new sofa in an IKEA store with the exception of IKEA Delft.

How does it work?

  • Order your new sofa in store and make a delivery appointment.
  • Please indicate that you would like to use the return service.
  • Pay for this service in store.
  • Say hello to your new sofa and goodbye to your old one.

What does it cost?

The Sofa Return Service costs 69.- per sofa.

Note: this service is only available for in-store purchases (not online).

White Goods and Kitchen Return Services

Kitchen Recycling Service

We'll take your old kitchen away for you from 175.- + 89.- per meter. The starting price depends on the total volume of waste. We measure the front of the kitchen.

Our partner will give you the exact price during the preparatory visit of the installation service.

Electrical Appliances Recycling Service

Are you buying an appliance from IKEA and do you want to get rid of your old one? You can give the old appliance away for free when the new one is delivered.
You can also return the old appliance to IKEA customer service.

White Goods Removal & Recycling Service

Do you want us to remove and take away your old appliance? Then take advantage of our white goods removal & recycling service. This costs 49.50 per appliance.

This service can be booked in the kitchens department in our stores.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answer to your question in our knowledge portal or view the frequently asked questions below

What happens to returned mattresses?

Our recycling partner ensures that returned mattresses are recycled in an optimum way. Components can, in turn, be used as raw materials for new products.

Many different materials are used in mattresses but the most commonly used materials are fabric, polyurethane/PU foam, cotton, wool, latex, wood and steel springs.

Most components can be recycled (85 to 90% is possible). The foam is used as an insulation material or as an underlay for carpets, judo mats or cow mattresses. The wood is used as a secondary fuel. The cotton and wool are reused to make cleaning cloths. The steel springs are reused as scrap metal.

Only the outer cover has to be incinerated.

When a new appliance is delivered, can I have the old one taken away?

If you buy new kitchen appliances or white goods from IKEA and have them delivered to you, you can also return your old appliances. The new-for-old principle applies here. This means that when an new appliance is delivered, you can return the same type of appliance. There are no extra costs involved.

If you already know before delivery that you would like to return your old appliance, it would be helpful to us if you could let us know this in advance, however, this isn't mandatory.

The transport company will only be able to remove old appliances if they are:

  • clean, dry and completely empty
  • disconnected and dismantled
  • ready to be taken away.

Small electrical appliances, batteries and lamps can also be returned to IKEA. You will find a Wecycle drop-off point at the customer service desk in store.