Accidents happen. Especially if you have kids. You have to be careful. Our products for home safety and child safety are easy to install and use. Of course, prevention is better than cure. Safety comes first!

More safety, fewer worries

Accidents happen, especially with little urchins running around. Good preparation can prevent serious accidents. Our child safety products are user-friendly, easy to install and suitable for the entire home. Never lose sight of your child with a reflective harness. And put corner protectors on your furniture to protect against sharp edges. Safety pays but does not have to be expensive thanks to our prices for IKEA FAMILY members.

Safety first

Accidents happen even if you don't have children. Accidents can happen unexpectedly or when you're doing odd jobs. Your home will be that much safer with our home safety products. Put a smoke alarm on each floor and don't forget the anti-slip bath mat. And with our reflectors, you are also clearly visible when you're out in the dark.