METOD Kitchen cabinets & fronts

Kitchen cabinets that suit the way you use your kitchen will save time and extra effort when cooking and doing the dishes. Our upper and lower cabinets match the work surfaces, drawer fronts and basic elements perfectly. Thanks to our extensive range, you have endless possibilities to refresh or renovate your kitchen, or design your ideal dream kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets to suit your kitchen style

The METOD kitchen cabinets and doors can be combined just the way you want them. In a way that exactly suits how you use the kitchen. We offer built-in cabinets for your dishwasher, oven or fridge, as well as high cabinets for all your store cupboard staples and food containers. The basic elements for your kitchen such as rails, legs and skirting boards perfectly match the METOD kitchen system. This means you can be sure that your kitchen is fundamentally well constructed Our covering panels are also fully in line with our kitchen blocks. These are installed on the side of the last lower cabinet. Choose one in the same style as the kitchen door for a harmonious look, or combine according to your own taste, for a personal touch. Use trims to hide electrical outlets and cords, or as a cornice on wall cabinets. This is how you create your dream kitchen.

Finish off your kitchen with kitchen cabinet doors

The icing on the cake is, of course, beautiful kitchen cabinet doors. And you'll find exactly what you want because we have them in different styles, from classic to modern. The veneer on the doors is moisture and stain resistant and easy to clean. Our latest development is the BODARP kitchen cabinet door. It is made in factories that run on renewable energy and is fitted with a veneer made from recycled PET bottles. This gives the kitchen a modern twist that is open and inviting. Add the finishing touch to your kitchen cabinet doors with knobs or handles. Play it safe and choose handles in the same style or be a bit quirky and attach knobs with a completely different look. Don't forget the hinges. The UTRUSTA hinge is perfect for kitchen doors. Good to know: Our kitchen cabinet doors come with a 25-year warranty. So you can enjoy your dream kitchen worry-free over many years. Are your doors secured? Time to organise your kitchen cabinets with the METOD kitchen cabinet design. From built-in bins and pan lid organisers to a complete layout for your household articles.