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Working from home because of the Corona virus? This is how you do it!

Almost everybody in The Netherlands will stay home for the time being because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and that will take some getting used to. Never before has it been so important to have a nice place to work at home. We can make sure that you will have everything you need to create a comfortable workspace at home.

1. A solid base | 2. Office essentials | 3. Setting the mood

1. A solid base

The basis for a comfortable home office is the right desk and office chair. With a desk at the right height and a well-adjusted office chair, you can focus better and work more comfortably.

Choose your ideal desk...

You sit (or stand) better behind a good desk. That is why our desks are ergonomically friendly. If you want to be flexible in the way you work, then a sit/stand desk might be something for you.

Can't find a suitable model between the desks? With a tabletop as a desktop and legs, you can easily put together your own desk. Use our online planner to design your own desk.

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... and office chair

Now that you are spending a lot of time working at home, it is nice if your office chair suits your wishes and sitting posture. Adjustable, in leather or fabric. A high or low back, or do you prefer an office chair without armrests? With our ergonomic office chairs you can be sure that your sitting posture is optimal.

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2. Office essentials

In addition to the right desk and the right office chair, we have all kinds of handy products that will make working from home even easier.

And then there was light

A well-lit workplace works better and creates a feeling of spaciousness. Sufficient daylight is important, but to put your workplace in the spotlight even more, we have a wide range of work and desk lamps.

Sort your cables and papers into smart storage compartments, make your planning and diary clear and keep all of the little things at hand with the help of memo boards and pegboards.

Place your laptop on a pedestal

Place your laptop or tablet on a stand for an ergonomic and comfortable working position.

Organise your stuff

Make sure you have a quiet and tidy workplace. This ensures that you are less easily distracted and that you can concentrate better.

Sort all your papers and tidy up all your loose clutter in a drawer unit.

3. Setting the mood

Because of the Coronovirus, it may not be clear how long you will be in this working from home setting. But if you are working from home anyway, it is nice to make your workspace at least a bit inspirational. With the help of these products you can easily set the right mood.

Add colour to your workplace

Although a calm workplace is good for concentrating, you should add some colour to your workplace. Therefore, place an artificial plant here and there. In this way you will still bring some warmth and cosiness, but you won't waste time taking care of your plants.

Sounds like music to your ears

Break the silence at home and play your favorite music on our smart wifi speakers or bluetooth speakers. Tip: Make a playlist together with your colleagues. Then working from home is a little less lonely.

Order everything for your home office online

    We will deliver everything for your workspace to your home. Parcels are delivered from €2.99 and truck deliveries from €39.-.

    *Due to the Corona virus, our delivery staff will temporarily bring the products to your front door.

      Order your products online and pick them up at the store of your choice, during the timeslot of your choice from € 2.99.