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Together smarter at home

    IKEA shows how the Netherlands puts their best foot forward with smart home solutions. Now that home is now also the gym, day care, workplace, lounge, school, meeting room and the terrace in the sun, together smarter at home shows how we make the best of the current situation with all of these smart solutions.

    Let your home work for you

    At home with the children, how do you do that?

    Are you at home with the kids now that the schools and nurseries are closed? It's a bit of a puzzle with so many people in the house, but with a clear schedule or daily routine it's easy to maintain that home isolation.

    Since it has never been so important to have a nice workspace at home or a place for your children to go to school digitally, with the following solutions you will definitely get through the coming months!

    Working from home together

    School continues, even now that the children are sitting at home. Take moments during the day to work together. While you are working, your children can do their homework in the meantime. Perfect! Create a common workplace at the dining table or build the ultimate nursery for your children where they can do homework and isolate themselves.

    Relax together

    This time can also be a difficult situation for the children. Try to make it a fun and enjoyable time together. Now is the time to do all kinds of things together. Put on some music, make a cosy play corner, tinker together, bake cookies together or let them help with the cooking. In good weather it is nice to play outside or have a picnic in the garden.

    Organise together

    Have the children tidy up their own toys in storage boxes. Give the nursery a mini makeover by applying a number of small changes or creating your own children's workspace. Let the children think for themselves about how they want to design it!

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    Take a breath of fresh air

    The weather is getting better. And unfortunately, we are forced by the coronavirus to stay mainly indoor. Make your garden or balcony a nice terrace! For a well-deserved break between work, or a drink after a long day. With furniture that is easy to move, you can create a chill outdoor area in no time. Grab some treats, turn on some music, and enjoy!

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    Healthy cooking

    All restaurants and cafes are closed. It’s a good time to have food delivered at home by local companies, but you can also get started in the kitchen yourself! In a well-organised kitchen, you can make food for the entire neighbourhood, or bake healthy meals with the whole family.

    Healthy movement

    Now that the gyms and yoga studios are closed, we must make the best of it, with everything we have at home. Long live online videos! Find a place in the house where you have space to lay down a gym mat (the children can also use this to play on, win-win!), this way you can keep moving!

    Healthy sleeping

    Did you know that a good night's sleep is just as important as a healthy diet and enough exercise? Especially now that we are at home so much, it is good to have a regular sleeping routine. Comfort is number one. A comfortable mattress, a pillow that suits your sleeping position and the right duvet are essential for a good night's sleep.

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    Working from home, how do you do it?

    Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people work at home. In the attic, at the dining table, on the sofa or in a home office. An ergonomic working posture can be a challenge if you have to suddenly work at home.

    Do you work or study at home with several people? The dining table offers a solution. Need a little privacy? Then create your own workspace at home. Make sure you have a nice (desk) chair that supports your back well. Or occasionally flop with a laptop supporter on the couch for a change. Do you prefer to work standing up? Use an ironing board as a standing desk!

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