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Everything under one roof: work, relaxation and being together.

Make your home a place for every activity. Get more out of your workspace, dining area or relaxation area, by giving the rooms a boost with the tips in this article. It can be as simple as counting up all of your tables, and seeing what you can do with them.

Working from home can be superefficient! With the right adjustments you can transform any place in the house into a practical and functional home office. You can even work on the couch with your pyjamas on!

One table multiple functions

Working from home doesn't have to be difficult. Do you not have a lot of space to add a desk? Use your dining table for multiple purposes. As a desk, meeting place, study place and as a dining table. Score!

Turn your current workspace into the right workspace

First things first! The right furniture is the foundation for a good workspace. An ergonomic desk and desk chair are essential for the right working posture.

Make your workspace inspiring by making some small adjustments.

Share your home office style #mijnIKEA

Set up your workspace in your own style, for just that little bit of extra focus and inspiration! Get inspired and share your workspace style with #mijnIKEA.

Below you'll find inspiration from other people who have created a workspace with IKEA products before:

Reorganize everything, even your thoughts

Do you enjoy being at home and are you ready for a minimalist life? Redecorating wardrobes, dressers, kitchen cupboards and the refrigerator will be a good step towards a organized home. Set up cupboards in a way that it becomes more functional, creative and practical. Tidy house, tidy head.

▲ Organise your wardrobe

How do you organise your wardrobe? Simple! With convenient storage systems.

Do you have a PAX wardrobe at home? Click here for tips on how to set up your PAX.

Clothes storage systems ensure that from now on you can choose clothes instead of looking for them.

    Need more inspiration? Watch our video:

    ▲ An organized attic

    Almost everyone recognizes it, the attic that always becomes a mess. You can't go wrong with convenient storage containers. All you have to do is sort and stack!

    ▲ Organise your kitchen

    Sorting is important when creating an organised kitchen!

    Use food containers in your fridge for more overview. Organise your kitchen cabinets with baskets, plate racks, spice racks and give your cleaning products a place.

    For perfectly sorted drawers, use drawer dividers and a cutlery tray. For a perfectly equipped cleaning cabinet, use a clean organiser.

    Relax together

    Sometimes you forget how nice it can be to be home together. Whether you're hanging on the couch together in front of the TV, trying out new recipes, or playing games together, it can be so much fun!

    Play together, work together

    Working at home with children can sometimes be a challenge! Let the children play with toys or let them get creative with arts and crafts and drawing materials. If that doesn't help, give them some homework. This way you work together at home!

    Time to relax? Create a play corner together or play games at the dining table/desk.

    Movie night at home

    What is cozier than a binge-watch night on the couch? Create your own cinema but more comfortable! Surround yourself with snacks, drinks and a nice soft blanket.

    Serve your snacks on cutting boards or serveware on different sized side tables so everyone can enjoy.

    ▲Cooking and baking

    Cooking and baking together is a nice activity. Start by getting the right baking gear in the house and you're ready to bake nice cookies or a delicious cake.