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Enjoy a better cup of coffee

Make your next cup the PÅTÅR special edition coffee from White Nile, Uganda. Made from 100% Arabica beans in cooperation with farmers, this high-quality organic and UTZ certified coffee is one to savour.

A man scoops coffee grounds into a filter inside a glass coffee pot next to a coffee machine on a kitchen counter top.
A man scoops coffee grounds into a filter inside a glass coffee pot next to a coffee machine on a kitchen counter top.

Unique taste

This special edition PÅTÅR is a single-origin coffee from Uganda’s White Nile region. Single-origin means only beans from one specific region are used, giving the coffee a taste that’s uniquely characteristic to the area where it’s grown. ‘The taste of White Nile PÅTÅR is exceptional – aromatic, sweet and mildly fruity with notes of chocolate and vanilla,’ says coffee specialist Marti Jansen, who helped create it.

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Close-up of milk being poured into coffee in a glass cup on a wooden table and with a coffee pot beside it.
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From the heart of Uganda

This coffee from Uganda’s lush, mountainous White Nile region is premium coffee with a purpose – IKEA and 13,000 smallholder farmers growing together through business, not charity.

A green hilly rural landscape covered in fields and trees. The sky is cloudy with low clouds above the hills on the horizon.

Supporting small-scale farmers

Uganda is Africa’s biggest coffee exporter, but its average coffee farm is less than 0.25 hectare. The White Nile social business project helps support the economic independence of small-scale coffee farmers, as well as more sustainable farming practices.

Clusters of red and green coffee beans growing on branches with lots of green leaves along them.

Quality coffee

Enjoy the unique taste of PÅTÅR White Nile while you can! This special edition, single-origin coffee is a limited crop – once the harvested beans are gone, they’re gone till next year! But the effects of this IKEA social entrepreneur initiative are long-lasting. You can trace the origin of your PÅTÅR coffee at

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A person’s hand holding a pink packet of IKEA PÅTÅR White Nile coffee among the coffee bean plants.
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The soil and climate of the White Nile region infuse the arabica beans with unique flavours. To bring them out I chose a medium to high roast

Marti JansenCoffee specialist

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