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IKEA ART EVENT 2021 Limited Collection

The sixth IKEA Art Event presents an ingenious perspective on home furnishings that’s all about the magic that happens when the line between art and functional design blurs. IKEA has invited five visionaries working across art and design to create inspiring works of art, which, at the same time, double-up as useful household objects. It’s a wonderful new vision for art and home that doesn’t play by the rules, so please go ahead and touch the artwork.

Available in-stores & online store now.

    An IKEA ART EVENT 2021 blue aluminium torch in the shape of an Allen key dangles from the tip of an index finger.
    The duality of non-functional objects and everyday design opens up for a new kind of product, which both serves people's functional needs and emotional aspirations.

    Henrik MostCreative Leader IKEA

    Daniel Arsham: Quiet manipulations

    “This object is a mix of the two: it has a function but it also has an emotional resonance.”

    An IKEA ART EVENT 2021 wall piece with a black drone in a white frame; a second wall piece with drones is above it.
    I hope our work will trigger feelings in a person, sometimes it might be joy, sometimes curiosity or anger. I wish that our work brings a new perspective onto life or society.

    Humans since 1982

    Sabine Marcelis: Moments of wonder

    “I definitely hope that when people interact with my work that it sparks some kind of curiosity or inspiration, that you would want to step closer and observe it a little bit better.”

    Stefan Marx: The joy of expression

    “It’s great when art and functionality blurs…it’s a very positive aspect in your daily life because you live with these pieces.”

    Gelchop: Shining a light on an iconic IKEA item

    "We are always thinking of ways to use existing items and combining the concepts or phenomena of different things to change the meaning or application of the original item in a fun, playful way."