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Make room for Nature
More and more of us are living in smog-filled, neon-lit concrete jungles. Which is why, more than ever, we need to switch off and breathe. Make head space by unplugging and open your door to someone who asks for nothing -Mother Nature. She can come in many forms, from natural materials to silence and lushness. Let your home be a space for physical and spiritual renewal.
Create a calm and coordinated look
Create a calm and coordinated look
Use earth tones to form a warm base. Think sandy beaches, fields of grains and desert canyons. Add an accent hue in cool shades of blue and grey for a calming effect reminiscent of the sea and sky.
Decorate with natural elements
Opt for materials that are kind to you and the environment, such as a soft throw made from more sustainable cotton and pure linen. Add authenticity with a handcrafted rug and an imperfect clay vase for a one-of-a-kind style.
Decorate with natural elementsFÄRLÖV
3-seat sofa,
Djuparp yellow-beige
Throw, beige
Spruce up your living room
Give your bedroom a cosy feel by combining warm colours and oriental prints with soft, plush textures. Balance the rich hues by mixing them with a few neutrals for a fresh look. We especially love the cool and crisp patterned bedding in fine yarn cotton percale from more sustainable sources.
HIDRASUND mattressTISTEDAL mattress pad
An organic mattress for healthier sleep
Enjoy a better night’s sleep on HIDRASUND, the new natural range of mattresses from IKEA - made with organic materials for a healthier sleep environment. HIDRASUND is built to last and comes with a free 25-year guarantee. You can extend its life further by adding the TISTEDAL mattress pad, made from natural latex.
Pocket sprung mattress
Mattress pad
Fresh new look for your bedroom
Connect with nature even when you are indoors-bring the outside in by furnishing your space with natural materials and keep it fresh with house plants. Additionally, you can create fluidity by opening up the rooms. The open-plan layout gives a more sociable environment to reconnect with your loved ones. So go on, throw a party and don’t forget to invite Mother Nature too!
Set the tableSet the table
Set the table
Keep it minimal with a simple floral centrepiece or go big and exaggerate the look! For a look that’s sophisticated, stick to plain crockery in a soft, pastel colour to help direct focus to the plants and flowers.
Finishing touches
Wooden boards are not just for chopping and slicing. Use the warmth of the wood to add colour and texture to the table, and create a beautiful display of your freshly cooked meals.
Finishing touchesDINERA
18-piece service, light pink
Chopping board, bamboo
For your next dining room update
A private retreat on your balcony
A private retreat on your balconyKUNGSHOLMEN
One-seat section, black-brown
Escape city life by inviting nature into your outside spot. Create a flexible and hidden plant paradise even in a small space.
Create privacy with plantsSOCKER plant pot with holder
Create privacy with plants
Hook holders filled with foliage along the balcony rail to make a natural screen. Keep a couple of the pots empty so you have somewhere to stash your gadgets. Add greenery to the walls with trailing leaves in a movable hanging planter and baskets on hooks.
Unwind with smart storage
Keep essentials nearby inside a wooden bench that doubles as a coffee table and seat. When darkness falls, turn on a couple of rechargeable pendants and a lamp that stores energy from the sun. Snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy your cosy retreat.
Unwind with smart storageSOMMAR 2018
Plant pot hanger with trellis
Plant pot with holder
Storage bench, outdoor