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Make Room for Play
Embrace a mix of fun & function in your home.
Create rooms where play is life, and anything can happen!
FLOTTEBO Sofa-bed with side table IKEAFLOTTEBO
Sofa-bed with side table,
Lysed green

RM3,000FLOTTEBO Sofa-bed with side table IKEA
Secret storage
A traditional pocket-sprung mattress/seat has been adapted for FLOTTEBO to add built-in storage for bedding underneath, taking advantage of this valuable hidden space. The loose back-cushions grip the sofa, so you can lift the mattress up to access the storage space without them falling off.
Fresh thinking
‘Traditional sofabeds look one way in the day and different when they’re transformed for sleeping, but we wanted FLOTTEBO to keep the same appearance,’ say designers Christina Halskov and Hanne Dalsgaard. ‘Our aim was to create a platform for all kinds of activities that would work in many different homes.’
FLOTTEBO designer
Tips: organise stuff with smart storage
Let the kids play freely in the living room
Then reclaim your adult space by putting toys into different-sized boxes. Try adding some inserts to keep smaller bits and pieces in order. When tidying up is this easy maybe the little ones will want to help out too.
LILLABO basic train, multicolourLILLABO
Basic train set
LATTJO Stacking gameLATTJO
Stacking game
Cabinet, metal, grey

Cabinet, metal, orange

Cabinet, metal, pink

Put work out of sight, so you can focus on relaxing.
A LIXHULT storage combination makes a perfect place to hide your laptop, paperwork, and other necessities. It is all there when you are ready to get back to work after recharging yourself.
Perfect small storage! You can choose to install the door to the right or left accordung to what fits the space best.
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Recharge yourself with fresh bedroom updates
PUDERVIVA Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases, whitePUDERVIVA
Quilt cover (200x200 cm)
and 4 pillowcases, white

Think in layers
Making lots of little updates with textiles and accessories is an easy way to renew a space without changing big pieces of furniture. Try swapping heavy curtains for light nets, to let in more daylight, or bring in some colourful cushion covers.
Use your bed to make an impact
If one accent colour isn’t enough, choose lots! Go with multicoloured bedding and add small pieces of furniture in your favourite shades.
Bed linen set (180x200 cm), blue

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