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White pillows on a bed with white bed covers, and a copy of the 2020 IKEA Catalogue laying on one of the pillows.

The new IKEA Catalogue is here

Look forward to new ideas and sweeter dreams

Sleep, glorious sleep! We believe that getting a good night’s rest will absolutely improve your life, and that a few changes at home can help make it happen. In this year’s catalogue, you’ll find everything you need to get closer to a better bedtime. Starting tonight.

Now distributing to homes near an IKEA store. If you can’t wait, explore the digital version or drop by an IKEA store for a copy from 23 Sept 2019.

What's new in the IKEA Catalogue?

What's new in the IKEA Catalogue?

IKEA Catalogue & Brochure Corrections

We reserve the right to adjust our prices according to any other changes beyond our reasonable control, e.g. major currency fluctuations. Although we do try to ensure that all information in our publications are correct at the time of printing, we apologise for any alteration to products of the range that may be made during its product life. IKEA also reserves the right to correct price errors or misprints. All items featured are available on a while stocks last basis. Please also note that some articles may vary in size and colour from shown in the publications.