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VINTERGATA Pendant lamp

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You can choose to hang the pendant lamp over your dining table or closer to the ceiling for general lighting in the room.
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Assembly of furniture
Assembly of furniture

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-You can choose to hang the pendant lamp over your dining table or closer to the ceiling for general lighting in the room.
Good to know
Can be connected to SKENINGE track system.
This product bears the CE mark.
Sold separately
Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E27 600 lumen globe opal white.<br/>
Care instructions
Remove dust with a lint remover.
Product dimensions
Max.: 13 W
Height: 33 cm
Diameter: 42 cm
Cord length: 1.6 m

This product requires assembly
Gustav Carlberg
Product description and measurements
Ceiling cup: Polypropylene plastic
Tube: Stainless steel
Shade ring: Acetal plastic
Shade: 100% polyester
Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
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Assembly instruction
203.424.70 VINTERGATA Pendant lamp (PDF)
203.424.70 VINTERGATA Pendant lamp (PDF)


Recycled plastic spreads new light

Do you ever wonder what really happens to the PET-bottles you recycle? In many cases, the plastics are transformed into new things. Here at IKEA, we make things like kitchen cabinets, storage boxes and desk screens from recycled PET-plastic. VINTERGATA lamp is one of the latest additions to this list. Each lampshade contains plastic from 24 half-litre bottles. With its felted lampshade, it spreads both light and a warming feeling - and a little bit of hope for a more sustainable world.

Each year, billions of PET-bottles are used around the world. A lot of the plastic is recycled, but we are convinced that we must all become better at recycling more. That's why we strive to develop even more products made from recycled plastic and to limit the use of new oil-based materials. VINTERGATA lamp is an example of this. But the project actually started with a desire for a new feel. Claes Wåxnäs, who works with developing new lamps, continues. "Many lamps have lampshades made of metal, but this can sometimes give off a cold feeling. We wanted to make a lamp with a softer and more homely feel."

Recycled bottles become soft felt

Claes and his colleagues came to think of moulded felt, which is used for our BEKANT desk with screen. "We saw many advantages with the felt material besides it having a soft feel. On the one hand, we use it already and know how to mould the material into the different shapes", explains Claes while lifting the lamp, "and on the other hand, felt is made from recycled plastic to a large extent." So far, 45 % of the material comes from recycled PET-bottles, while 55 % comes from new raw material. The reason for this is technical limitations, but Claes is convinced that the trend is heading towards a greater proportion of recycled materials. "So that the felt can be moulded into shape, it requires a mix of different types of fibres, and one of these is still not made from recycled PET-plastic. But I believe that it's only a matter of time before fibre development has caught up", says Claes.

A material for the future

Designer Gustav Carlberg wanted the soft feeling of felt to also characterise the shape of VINTERGATA. "We kept trying until we got this peach-like shape which narrows at the top and bottom", says Gustav, and explains how the entire design is built from five bowl-shaped and stable felt parts. They fit into each other in the packaging and then snap together, slightly overlapping, so that light emits between them. "Since the felt is so compact, it was important to make the design airy and for it to spread light." For Gustav, it was rewarding to get to work with a completely new material, and most probably not the last time. "Moulded felt is an exciting material that I see us making many other things with. Using recycled materials is good for the planet and for all of us. Quite simply, it's the future."

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You can choose to hang the pendant lamp over your dining table or closer to the ceiling for general lighting in the room. VINTERGATA Pendant lamp 203.424.70 IKEA RM169