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Secondary storage

Get the bigger home you've always wanted

From your record collection to the gardening tools, secondary storage solutions help you create a place for the things you love. And by making the most of the space you have, you’ll finally have the room to enjoy using them, too.

top storage solutions
Say goodbye the clutter and customise your own storage
ALGOT series
Adaptable storage to fit your needs
Adaptable storage that works across the home. That’s the ALGOT series. Because ALGOT can be easily customised to fit your space and storage needs it can be used throughout your home, and in a combination that’s right for you.
IVAR series
Storage you can customise
Our IVAR storage furniture system is designed so you can combine the different pieces to suit you and your space. Build upwards and to the sides to create the combination of shelves, drawers and cabinets you want. Made of durable solid pine, you can paint or oil it the way you like, too
OMAR system
Small space storage 2.0
OMAR shelving units have been one of our worldwide favourites since 2003. You can see them in pantries, kitchens, laundry rooms and even garages or hallways. Thanks to a collaboration with our happy customers all around the world, we have decided to improve the line by adding a series of multi-functional accessories.
The strongest storage we have
Made in black metal, the BROR trolley has a wood top that lightens up this heavy-duty storage system. Along with the shelves and cabinet, this system will keep your things organised.
Combine heavy-duty storage with a clean, industrial style – BROR system is ideal in a hobby room, garage or other storage space where it can hold very heavy loads.
BROR Trolley RM499

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