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Besides sleek lines and ergonomic design, a POÄNG armchair with footstool are matched not just in colour and style, but as partners in carrying you.
With its high, gently curved back and headrest, relaxation comes naturally when sitting down in POÄNG.The POÄNG seat is tilted slightly back, which together with the marked lower-back support create a very comfortable position.
Like all IKEA sofas and armchairs, POÄNG comes with a ten-year guarantee.Removable and washable cover.
Removable and washable cover
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A gently swaying classic
Staying popular is hard. Understandably, seeing POÄNG retain its appeal for over forty years makes us proud. Then again, it’s one great chair. Bentwood makes it strong and flexible without excess bulk. Also available as rocking chair, every POÄNG follows the contours of your body to offer exceptional comfort. And that soft bounce that turns you into a POÄNG fan the moment you sit down.
Choice of cover
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Choice of cover.
Pick a frame that suits your style
poang chair frame birch
Birch veneer
Bright tones of wood give your room a mellow, Scandinavian touch.
poang chair frame dark brown
Make a bold statement with robust wood-grain that feels genuine.
poang chair frame black brown
Highlight your sophistication with a dramatic dark color for chic interiors.
Available in all colours.
Discover the best way to relax.
Fabric cover to fit your taste
Beautiful fabric cover to fit whatever mood you want in your home. Choose from an wide range of fabrics and designs.
POÄNG has a wide selection of colours, fabrics, and textures, like this orange ribbed cushion.

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