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Price range (RM)
PLUMSA storage basket, white, black

PLUMSA storage basket

Height: 28 cm, Diameter: 25 cm, Volume: 11 l
JÄLL laundry bag with stand, white

JÄLL laundry bag with stand

Length: 41 cm, Width: 43 cm, Height: 64 cm
SNAFS laundry bag, white

SNAFS laundry bag

Width: 47 cm, Depth: 65 cm, Max. load: 5 kg
FYLLEN laundry basket, grey

FYLLEN laundry basket

Height: 50 cm, Diameter: 45 cm, Volume: 79 l
KLUNKA laundry bag, white, black

KLUNKA laundry bag

Height: 60 cm, Diameter: 36 cm, Volume: 60 l
PLUMSA laundry bag, white, black

PLUMSA laundry bag

Height: 66 cm, Diameter: 36 cm, Volume: 60 l
KNARRA laundry basket with lining, black, brown

KNARRA laundry basket with lining

Length: 38 cm, Width: 29 cm, Height: 57 cm
BRANKIS laundry basket

BRANKIS laundry basket

Length: 37 cm, Width: 37 cm, Height: 56 cm

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