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A flock of birds flying over a wild coastline in a snap taken by Hans Strand, Hasselblad Master 2008 for the NORRHASSEL limited edition poster collection.
IKEA x Hasselblad®
In collaboration with the iconic camera brand Hasselblad®, we hand-picked eight images from the Hasselblad Master Award portfolio and created the NORRHASSEL limited edition poster collection.
Balancing beauty, composition, aesthetics and emotional energy, the photos featured in the collection are our way of letting you bring stunning and emotional fine art photography into your home.
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Hans Strand – The fragility of nature
“A flock of birds soars along a wild coastline – the question is: for how much longer will scenes and images like this be possible to witness [...]? All of my work and all of my pictures are, at the end of the day, about my love for nature.”, Hans Strand, photographer – 2008 Hasselblad Master for Nature/Landscape.
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Ali Rajabi – Darkness and light
“I like to take photographs in the early morning or late in the evening, to get those harsh shadows. I believe darkness leads to light. You can’t have one without the other. I believe in darkness because you have to pass through it to find the light.”, Ali Rajabi, photographer – 2016 Hasselblad Master for Street/Urban.
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Bára Prášilová – A whiff of humour
“I think much of my work is funny or has humour [...]. There is often a lot of colour, but that’s a way of balancing topics that are serious or tough. I approach bad things in life through humour. That’s how I deal with them.”, Bára Prášilová, photographer – 2014 Hasselblad Master for Fashion/Beauty.