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Baby furniture

So you can focus on cuddle time instead

Your home should help you make the most of all the special moments you'll have with your baby. That's why we test all our products – from baby furniture to toys – against the toughest safety standards in the world. So you can have a little more peace of mind (even if we can't promise peace and quiet).

Find the cosiest nursery
A blue, grey, red and white nursery with a white and light blue STUVA/FRITIDS changing table, chest of 6 drawers and cot.
IKEA EKTORP large grey armchair makes a great nursing chair for your nursery. It has washable removable covers and plenty of room for LEN nursing pillow.
This violet and floral walled bedroom is a shared space haven for parents and their crawling baby. IKEA SUNDVIK brown cot and changing table add calmness.
A beige, brown, red and yellow adult bedroom with a SNIGLAR cot and changing table in beech and white.
A calm blue and white nursery featuring the white SOLGUL cot, changing table and wardrobe.
If it opens, breaks, falls, burns, spills or hurts - it needs proofing. Luckily, we have PATRULL and UNVIKA, a collection of home safety products to help you make the home a safer place for little ones.

Corner bumper

Reduces the risk of injury from sharp corners and edges i.e. tables and counter tops.

Fastened by adhesive.


Prevents children access the contents of tool cabinets, drawers, the fridge or freezer.

Fastened by adhesive.

Door stop

Reduces the risk of children jamming their fingers and toes in door frames.

Max door thickness:
up to 4.5 cm.

Window catch

Prevents small children from opening sliding or swinging windows on their own.

Screws not included.

Drawer catch

Prevents children from accessing the contents of kitchen drawers or cabinets.

Screws included.

Anti-slip strip

Reduces the risk of slipping on the stairs, step-stools or wet surfaces. Can be cut.

Fastened by adhesive.

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